New England Weddings | "Of Looms and Lilies" dance perfomance at The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

We recently had an opportunity to attend a beautiful dance performance at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, Massachusetts. The dance group from Weber Dance performed "Of Looms and Lilies". The dance was inspired by the work of Henry David Thoreau & on the different perspectives of two women from different centuries; communicating through time.
One of the challenges of photography is while we focus on our work, we don't get to experience the performance. This is one dance performance that we'd love to attend without our cameras to fully enjoy artistic expression of the dancers!
Performances in low light add to dramatic impact of the event. Flash photography not only disrupts the viewing, but it also doesn't capture the spirit of the moment. Please enjoy these portraits of a powerful dance performance that is worth seeing for yourself.