Mia and Jared are two of our clients that enjoy the city of Boston. We decided to do their Engagement photo session in the Boston Public Gardens. For those of who have never been to the Boston Gardens on a Saturday afternoon, well you won’t be there alone! It is a busy place. In addition to all of the people, there were probably three wedding parties there for photo shoots! We captured some great pictures of Mia and Jared — you really can’t go wrong with the Public Gardens for pictures!
Jared and Mia both work in Boston’s theatre district. Jared really knows the city well and suggested the Boston Seaport District for some additional photographs. So we headed over through the busy city and we followed Jared in our car. Now, Jared’s city driving skills are impressive. He knows the area like the back of his hand and he led us to a great location in the Seaport district, overlooking the airport.
It was great to spend some time with Mia and Jared and get to know them better! We are really excited for their wedding next summer! Congratulations again guys!
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