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Mickey and Becca's wedding was an amazing day with two great locations! First, we'd like to thank Becca's parents who were involved in the whole process and helped create a very special day for their daughter's wedding. Tricia, the mother of the bride, worked on every detail with Becca throughout the whole process. Stacy, the father of the bride, is a wedding photographer and managed to put the camera away and enjoy the day. We have talked about wedding photographers before, we are fussy bunch of people and its hard to attend a wedding without scrutinizing the photographer (hey, we do it too!) Stacy was great to work with and managed to capture some great photos along the way of the newlyweds. Plus, Stacy shoots with Nikon so he's okay in our book!
The wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful home on Spofford Lake in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. This home was really amazing! The views in the backyard overlooking the lake were spectacular and created a beautiful backdrop for the wedding alter! We captured some great shots and completed all of the formal pictures after the ceremony with the beautiful scenery at the lake house.
Their reception was held at Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene, NH. Its a short drive from the lake house to the quaint building located in Keene. We had our photo booth (Sleek Booth) at the reception as well, and it was a total blast! If you're on the fence about a photo booth for your reception, I wish you could have been at this party!
Once again, congratulations to Mickey & Becca! You are both special people and have great families & parents in your lives.